Apricot – Traditional medicine used to cough, sore throat

Sapphoedoisong.vn – Tomorrow is a delicious food, favorite of many people, and also a familiar pesticide.

Good food, sore throat, except cough

According to Oriental medicine, oat medicine is made from apricot (the umbrella is black, the apricot is apricot. The apricot blossom means black, processed from apricot. To make medicine, the maize is processed quite periodically, according to traditional medicine, called the method of dispatch. Specifically as follows: Apricots are harvested, dried in the cool to wilt. Then, in the jar, soaked in salt, according to the ratio of 1 kg of dream: 300 g salt, after 3 days 3 nights then pick out, continue to bring in cool until the skin of the apricot hunting, then continue to soak with salt in the above way. Repeat 9 times (9 times, 9 times, soaking, soaking), until the skin is firm, black and white crystalline white granules crystallized on the surface. It can then be stored in a dry, cool place.


When processed into dishes, mai tom is added dry star ginger and licorice powder, creating a distinctive, attractive flavor. The combination of the light sourness of the apricot, the saltiness of the salt, the mild taste of ginger, and the sweetness of liquorice, make anyone feel good to enjoy, even just thinking

Folk have cleverly processed delicious food is the mai to satisfy the people enjoy. At the same time, it can also be used as a throat remedy, except when needed. Because the maize is cool, sour slightly, quickly soothe throat, reduce itching throat, reduce hoarseness and cough reduction. Salt has antiseptic properties, good for sore throat. Ginger keeps warm, helps prevent coughs from colds, colds. Licorice is the drug has many uses: phlegm, cough, and anti-inflammatory (traditional medicine and pharmacological studies have also proved). So, there is a package in the box in the cold wind, not only have more delicious food, can invite friends to enjoy, fun conversation, but also the throat medicine room. Effective cough prevention.

The book of medicinal plants and animals of medicine in Vietnam of GS. Do Tat Loi writes: Morning apricot, sour, cool, has a new effect, nourishing the throat, only the cough (reduce cough), is used to treat many coughs, including coughing for a long time. With sore throat, tonsillitis, swollen sore throat … With the effect of neoplastic, mai is good medicine used when the body has a long illness, chronic diseases cause loss of fresh fluid, tired people. In which, there are long-lasting coughs, coughing, coughing, dry throat, throat irritation, coughing.

Hai Thuong Lan Ong regulates the umbrella on the needle. The waste on the basis of five elements used in the treatment of aphrodisiacs in the disease is consistent with the viewpoint of dialectical treatment of traditional medicine. Hai Thuong Lan Ong also analyzed “White scrap, is the gas consumption of the Kim, it is like a canopy, the shield for other organs, can not withstand anything obstructing. The spleen is the root of sputum, scrap is the sputum. If the sputum in the waste, the gas upwards to cause cough. Waste is the key, the gate of the body, nowhere more important than that. Therefore, the disease of negative gas, many sputum can not help finding a cure. Oh, there is a sour taste, can be promoted, can help, only help, just spit chemistry. This confirms the essential role of the apricot tree in cough medicine, especially the persistent cough can not help.

Bao Thanh, cough medicine – with oak, tangerine peel, honey and herbs

Apply and promote the use of umbrellas in cough treatment, especially long-lasting coughs, oak trees, along with other familiar medicines such as tangerine peel, honey has been added to the schedule medicine. The 300 years of high school, she created the drug Bao Thanh. Formulated with many medicinal herbs, combined into a complete remedy, according to the principle of traditional medicine. Drugs promote synergy effects: both symptomatic treatment (cough, phlegm), while respecting nutrition (supplementary), should improve the disease from the root.


Bao Thanh is a high-grade cough remedy, a product of the collective of pharmacists, doctors, nurses, physicians of the company Pharmaceutical Linh. Drugs are carefully studied from formulation to drug preparation and production, and are produced in factories that meet GMP, GLP, GSP – WHO standards of good practice. To create the best effective drug to users.

Bao Thanh cough treatment effective treatment of flu cough, cold cough, cold cough, wind cough, dry cough, cough with phlegm, cough sore throat, bronchitis. Especially long-term cough due to scurvy damaged, coughing recurrence due to weather allergy, using Bao Thanh cough medicine for very good effect.

With quality prestige, Bao Thanh medicines have been used by people throughout the country for many years. The products have received noble awards such as: famous brand in Vietnam, top 20 leading brands in Vietnam, the product of cough and waste is believed to use No. 1 by consumers vote.

In addition to the trust of consumers, in 2014, Bao Thanh medicines were awarded the Ministry of Health Award for Vietnamese medicine star, in order to honor the good quality domestically produced medicines.

Read the instructions carefully before use



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