Bitter rind – Medication and many diseases

Bitter greens are commonly used in home meals. Not only that, bitter vegetables are also a medicine to prevent and treat some common diseases, and it is also a food that helps to reduce fat effectively.

In our country, bitter vegetables are two kinds of vegetables bitter soil and sea vegetables. These two types of vegetables have the same taste, but in terms of health benefits, it has its own advantages.

Bitter land

Scientific name is Polygonum aviculare L. A herbaceous plant growing on the ground, the stem and branches grow radially close to the ground, sometimes rising up to 10 – 30cm, reddish purple. They live all year round, have small stems burned, staggered leaves, leaf tips, leaf blade 1.5-2cm long, 0.4cm wide. Small purple flowers, clustered together about 1 to 5 flowers in the interstitial. In the edge, contains a black head. Foliage is usually collected, using fresh leaves and foliage or dried for use.

Bitter land

According to oriental medicine , bitter vegetables or so called sea shrimp, shrimps, fish bone. Taste bitter, calculus, non-toxic, digestive benefits, appetite, diuretic, low temperature, precaution. Cases can be used to treat diseases such as urinary incontinence, kidney stones, eating indigestion, heat in the body, fever, liver.

Bitter soil contains high levels of vitamin C, when used to enhance the body’s resistance, to strengthen the artery wall. There are also some health benefits such as tannin, saponin, flavonoid, alkaloid and sesquiterpene. These ingredients are very antibacterial, can fight some gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. People who have cough, fever, colds, boils, urinary tract infections, or digestive tract with bitter vegetables also help to improve their ability to fight off disease.

At the same time, they work against oxidation, free radicals in the body, prevent the formation of cancer cells. A study from China has shown that ground leguminous vegetables have a role in sweeping free radicals in the body, which are used to treat Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cancer and cardiovascular problems. .

Researchers in Iran have also found empirical evidence on patients with breast cancer that, when interacted with the components found in bitter vegetables, a high rate of breast cancer was detected. Strongly develops the growth of cancer cells. Thereby, opening up the hope of health as well as increasing the ability of prevention and treatment for patients suffering from this disease.

Sea bream

Scientifically known as Bacopa monnieri L. Commonly grown in wetlands, wild grasses that are slightly humid or mixed with low grasses off the edge of the field, they are also called bitter vegetables. This is a longevity herb, grows cows, body roots have roots, length 10 – 40cm, bearing soft branches grow. Leaves opposite shoots, oblong, imprisonment, length 8-12mm, width 3 – 5mm. Individual white flowers. The eggs are smooth, smooth, small, angular. Flowering season April – June.

According to traditional medicine of Vietnam, bitter sea vegetables, also known as chicken intestinal, triple, white or basil. It has a cool, bitter taste, is capable of heat, poison diuretic, diuretic. People often use to drink cough, make medicines to treat urinary incontinence, difficult stool. Used in the form of dried salts of 6-12g each drink.

Sea bream

Not as inferior to bitter vegetables, the ingredient in bitter vegetables is also rich in health benefits such as alkaloids and saponins. These elements work very well on the brain circulatory system, enhances neurotransmitter transmission, and resist the oxidation of brain cells. Indian traditional medicine has also mentioned this plant because it has the ability to help people increase their memory, reduce mental fatigue, make people become more alert, copper In patients with epilepsy, it is also effective in preventing recurrence of seizures.

From these ancient documents, Indian scientists have done many researches as well as clinical trials and the results have clarified the effects that folk experience has left. The effects of sea vegetables on the nervous system are extremely beneficial. Without stopping there, psychologists in Australia have also discovered the ability to store information in the brain significantly increased and improved ability to focus effectively through the effects of saponins contained in bitter sea vegetables. Similarly, researchers in the United States and Thailand, through a peer-review process, have published these beneficial effects for depressed people, neurologists, patients with cerebrovascular disease and stroke. All when used for the elderly.

A recent exchange of pharmaceutical researchers in India on the ability to inhibit the inflammation process in the joints has come to quite satisfactory results. When used in people with joint degeneration or inflammatory arthralgia, especially those with rheumatoid arthritis, can help reduce and prevent these inflammatory processes. The pain on the joints, help patients improve joints and more comfortable in activities. But in fact they still can not replace the use of drugs in these patients, patients need more consultation and care of the doctor.

Bitter and bitter food

In general, both types of vegetables have beneficial effects on health, each one has different advantages, but both have the same characteristics are tasteless, but after a while, You are familiar with that bitter taste, they will give us a sweet feeling and delicious bar.

As with other vegetables, bitter vegetables are high in fiber and other nutrients, which is good for a diet that is low in fat , which helps to prevent dyslipidemia. blood pressure, diabetes mellitus.

Bitter bitter vegetables are good for health, especially bitter vegetables with porridge or crabs are very popular with the South. favorite set.

If you are afraid of the bitter taste of vegetables, you can use it in the form of boiled together with fish or stock, meat sauce, chao. Or when cooked into soup, hot pot, the taste of vegetables also reduce bitter bitterness.

Or more preferred is stir-fry with shrimp, meat with oil, fat and coconut milk also provides a good meal.

Although there are many useful uses, but the use of bitter vegetables also need to note the following:

Pregnant women should be cautious when used because there are some test results in rats, the substances in bitter vegetables have the effect of uterine contractions, increase the coagulation time. Increased risk of miscarriage, bleeding.

Eating a lot of bitter vegetables in a meal can be good for people with constipation, but for normal people or those who have poor digestion, will cause diarrhea.

– Some women use bitter foods such as bitter vegetables, dried fruits, or used in daily meals as a diet to lose weight . This is true but not enough, sometimes leading to the opposite effect makes people feel nauseous, full of abdomen, gastrointestinal disorders. Therefore, users should adjust the diet properly with other dishes to provide adequate nutrients for the body, while also adding regular exercise time to achieve effective weight loss as desired.



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