Chronic disease withdrawal through medicinal herbs

 Birth – Aging – Disease – Death is the inevitable rule of creation. Anyone who comes to middle age more or less also suffer from some diseases from simple to complex. Some people have to take medicine for life but the disease is not sad, but there are lucky people, see the teacher, met the drug has treated the chronic disease, stepped through the scythe death.

Anemia of osteoarthritis

One afternoon east, when the cold winds came back, we have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Lang Thi Quynh. I have known her for quite a long time, with words of praise from conferences at the conference, but now we have the opportunity to visit the clinic’s famous medical doctor.


Being one of the elite members of the Thuong Xuan Medical College of Thanh Hoa province, Lang Thi Quynh referred to herbalist not only admired her medical treatment, but also remembered a physician always take the word Tam, German is the motto in the profession. At her clinic, though late, waiting chairs were monitored by doctors and patients who come to buy drugs patiently waiting to be examined and counseled Ms. Quynh. Especially, when the Quynh Traditional Medicine Clinic was opened, it contributed to concretizing the socialization of health care for the people. Restore and promote the rare traditional medicine of the nation.

While waiting for her examination of the patients, I turned over the dense list. She listed the name, address and phone number of the patient who had successfully treated her from hereditary medicine. stopped in patient Le Van T. born 1960 (in, Tinh Gia, Thanh Hoa). Many years ago Mr. T. suffered from degenerative joints, knee joint spine, arthritis was cured by Quynh. In the phone, Mr. T. said before taking medication Ms. Quynh in 2013 he had painful swollen joints just around the house so that worn out torn many pants. Mr. T. said he is now back to normal production.


Patient illustrations T

After leaving osteoarthritis, I stopped in 65-year-old Le Van L. patient in Thuong Xuan, Thanh Hoa. Mr. L. has stomach pain and inflammation of the colon 20 years often feel pressure, tighten in the chest, feeling shortness of breath, nausea affect the living and work. Eat not good, sleep still Mr. L. has cured many places but the disease only relieved a short time. After taking her medication, Quynh, with her easy-to-use scale, reduced symptoms by as much as 90%.

According to our records when inquiring about the situation of patients at the doctor’s ward, most people with gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcers in the early stages of development of disease have heartburn. , sometimes buried because of this period is often very high acidity. More often in the early morning when we wake up or when hungry. Ợ Ợ,,,,,, là là là là là là là là là là là là thường thường thường thường thường thường thường thường thường thường thường thường thường thường thường thường thường. This is also a phenomenon of gastroesophageal reflux disease. Or some other symptoms such as nausea, constipation … But only a few medicinal herbs Quynh they have escaped.

Sharing about the complexity of stomach disease, herbalist Lang Thi Quynh said: gastric ulcer is a simple but very dangerous disease, because it is the premise of stomach cancer. If metastatic gastric cancer, the mortality rate is very high. Gastric ulcer due to reflux is the most dangerous. When reflux, the pancreas will soak up the stomach, causing ulcers, is the opportunity for HP bacteria to penetrate the ulcer. When the reflux is gone, the stomach is healed. The process of continuous self-healing of the sores may be erroneous, and when errors occur, the risk of cancer is very high. Therefore, cured gastric ulcer, will minimize gastric cancer.

It is difficult for a physician

Lang Thi Quynh, 63 years old, was born in a family with a long tradition of medicine in Yen Nhan commune. From a young age she followed her mother to the forest to find precious medicinal plants to help people. With the family’s precious medicine, plus the experience of medical treatment over the years life, Ms. Quynh has learned, successfully researched many medicinal remedies to save people. Not only successful treatment for patients with stomach, joints, and herbalist Lang Thi Quynh has been considered as a disease of utero fibroids, gastric tumors, lung tumors, liver tumors, … When we cure hundreds of people who are sick.

One of the special cases, which until today Mrs. Quynh still remember is always the case of Mr. Vi Van P. in Dak Lak province. He has cancer of the throat cancer monster. Due to busy work, he only see when he is tired, sore throat and coughing attacks continuously. Conclusion of the hospital in his hand is still not surprised and confused about his love story. However, through a reading about the physician Quynh cured many people from tumors, repelled cancer, his wife and children took Mr. P. to her clinic with the mentality of “water, slapped.” Persistence of medication 1 month, he found eating well, sleep well, the cough lasted for a long time reduced markedly. Very happy to see the drug effective, the second month he again to the drug. As such, he used her drug Quynh 4 months, until now his health recovering. Directly calling him P. with a warm voice, he happily told back now he healthy back and forth. normal, wife and children are very happy and excited.

Quynh’s herbal medicine is completely herbal, each drug has more than 10 different combinations are quintessentially and do not cause side effects. Thanks to it, many office workers escape the worry of hemorrhoids, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts … There are people with ovarian cysts that can not have children. But with Ms. Quynh’s precious male remedy cured and after 3 months pregnant. The joy sometimes doubles as the disease, just born children. Every now and again, many families are happy with the family thanks to Quynh.


While chatting with us, or examining, smoking medication for patients, the telephone ring of Mrs. Lang Thi Quynh always rang. People ask the road, the people asked how to use drugs, medicine, diet … making her house always bustling. Now he is well off, patients now come to her from all over the country, everyone find joy when they are rid of the scythe.

With his heart and efforts to learn more in the treatment of disease, rescuer Lang Thi Quynh has been recognized by all levels and departments for his contribution to the care and protection of public health. Awarded the highest praise. But perhaps for her, the greatest happiness in medicine is to see the happy smiles of the patients he cured.



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