Cranberry – “chrysanthemum” of the colon disease

Succeeded by the legend of the Han Dynasty, a 90-year-old farmer digs grass in the field and asks if he is good enough to use the white horse. Later, this drug is used by many Chinese post-natal as in the postmodern remedies of the Hypothesis or in the increase of the life of the emperor Quang Tu … But using Eucalyptus for colon treatment is not everyone know!

Bai Tu Tieu – Medicinal precious

Bai Tu Thuot is also known as Trau, Bai Tuu, Son khong, Son … is a herb that lives for many years, 40-60 cm high, usually harvested in June – July in the delta and December in the provinces. Mountain.

The ancient goddess regarded the White Egg as ” the ancient Viagra “, a “long- life potion ” to maintain health, enhance physiological function and especially in solving digestive problems such as eating delayed ingestion, intestinal inflammation, prolonged diarrhea, pale pallor … – a major cause of reduced life expectancy of the King.

According to Oriental Medicine, sweet bitter, light aroma, warmth, effective bruising, low apples, only description, harmony, hydro, pregnant. In addition, Bai is also considered a nutritious and is commonly used in cases of gastric ulcer, slow food consumption, living diarrhea diarrhea, chronic enteritis.

Effects on colon disease

In most medications, inflammation of the colon is present in the stomach. It is the widespread nature of the white mustard for gastrointestinal tract that motivates modern scientists to investigate and explain these effects.

They found that: The active ingredients in the white vinegar give the drug a variety of pharmacological effects for acute and chronic inflammatory bowel disease.


Pre-treated white tea

Balanced two-dimensional magic

Scientific studies have demonstrated the effect of reestablishing this extraordinary two-dimensional balance of the White Orchid for the rabbit’s intestinal motility squeeze action. When the intestines are excited, the white intestine has an inhibitory effect, whereas when the intestine is in an inhibitory state, the extract of this herb has an effect of excitement. This means that, in the case of diarrhea, white tea has the effect of holding diarrhea, cramping, and the like, when constipated, the white vinegar has a very effective laxative effect. The two-dimensional regulating effect of the white vinegar is of great significance in treating the typical symptoms of acute and chronic inflammatory bowel disease.


According to the documents of Central Medicine, the extract has anti-ulcer effect on gastrointestinal mucosa. In particular, ulceration caused by pyloric disorders not only cause stagnation stomach stomach but also damage blood vessels accompanied by anemia of plant neuropathy, affecting the entire digestive system in particular and The body in general, such as ulcerative colitis and colonic. In addition, according to the records in the book ” Resources of Vietnamese medicinal plants, ” White Tea also significantly reduces the amount of secreted enzymes but does not reduce the free acid of the gastric juice , thus reducing the phenomenon. stomach ulcers.

Reduces inflammation

Whitehead’s anti-inflammatory activity is markedly evident in the acute phase of the inflammatory response, which correlates with changes in the blood vessels leading to extravascular drainage and edema.

In addition, according to the documents of clinical pharmacology: white jelly also has a nutritious effect on the body and strengthen the immune system, raising the resistance.

Thus, it can be seen that the white discharge not only resolved clinical symptoms, subclinical inflammation of the colon such as abdominal pain, go out, ulcerative colitis, cramps … but also affect the whole Human and pathogenesis of this disease as anti-inflammatory effect, regulate bowel movement, reduce ischemia in the colon …

Direction of new application of Baiyoke in the treatment of acute and chronic colitis

Chronic inflammation of the colon has long been known as persistent, difficult to treat, or recurrent. It causes many inconveniences to the sick person in daily life and in work. Today, science has proven, want to cure  inflammation of the colonneed to treat both the cause and symptoms of the disease. Not only to overcome the symptoms of the disease but also to restore the lining of the colon, so that in the long term does not relapse.

With its exceptional bio-proven properties, not limited to folk-based uses, the White Orchid has been extracted by scientists into high-dose phytonutrients in combination with other ingredients. Whitening ,  ImmuneGamma – Biotechnology from the United States for the effect of regenerating and restoring the lining of the colon, increasing the resistance, rapidly reducing the symptoms of the disease. – A new escape for acute colitis. and chronic.

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