Great folk medicine

Guava tree nine : The guava has just ripe down, eat nutritious, low-calorie. Guava has a very high vitamin C content (100g guava has 486mg vitamin C), concentrated in the shell, especially the outermost. Therefore eat the guava must eat the whole shell is useful. The mineral content of P, Fe, Ca, especially Fe in guinea pigs is very high, which enhances immunity against other fruits. It also contains omega 3-6 fatty acids and many fiber, antioxidants have anti-inflammatory, allergy in chronic diseases (asthma, rheumatism, cardiovascular, allergies …). They help to reduce fat, make the skin become fresh, are the best source of natural fiber, also contains potassium to help stabilize blood pressure and cardiovascular.

Filipinos often use ripe guava as a tonic, increasing the strength of the heart muscle (heart support).


Choco Indians in Panama use ripe guava to treat congestion in the lungs and throat. By mixing guava meat with ripe mangos in a bowl of cold iced water, then click little by little. Use 3 times a week, twice a day, one cup at a time.

You can also reduce blood sugar and drinking water to reduce fat: 1 fruit, honey 2 tablespoons coffee, 150ml water, a little lemon juice. Wash well with water to the blender, grind into water, honey and lemon juice, stirring. Drink regularly.


Guava is dark green: meat is hard bitter, bitter, should not eat. Constipation, which is harmful to the stomach and intestines. Juvenile guava and its young leaves are commonly used to cure many diseases such as: injuries and blood clots due to falls, beaten, intestinal diseases and menstrual disorders in women.

Fruit (almost nine): guava guava when nursing, very crunchy, sweet should be preferred. When buying a large fruit, dark blue or white, glossy, no black. Ripe fruit should choose large, yellow shell, strong aroma, no black spots or insect bites.

Diabetes mellitus in addition to eating the whole fruit, can be cut into pieces, put the seeds soaked in salt water for a few minutes to drain out, eat this flavor fragrant crispy.


Old Guava minced , dried and put into a jar. For the longer the performance is higher. When children have bloating, abdominal pain to diarrhea, take some dried guava to boil water for children to drink will be effective.

Dried guava on the branches : Too much menstrual effect in women. People choose the old guava broken branches, to dry on the branches, then picking down the kitchen for a while to dry, to save when needed.

Young guava (guava): Leaves and young cherries cut into pieces to dry for tea, called guava tea (tea stomach). Many people think that guava tea can cure diabetes.

NON YARN: When the guava leaves to pick up young, picking them to dry, used to soak the wine, in the drink out. Treated with stools and bleeding (for pain relief), bloody stasis can also be cured. In case of falling, beaten, using alcohol in the mouth, will be swollen, all bruises.

Hot summer, easily cause irritability itching. Or children are scattered all over, sitting quietly, eating food lost: guava leaves (do not need young leaves) to cook the bath water will be out of swelling, itching.


Guinea fungus extract treatment: In the West Indies, grape juice and guava leaves are used to treat epilepsy and seizures. Use this extract to drink and rub the spine (children as well as adults): take 10 leaves of guava, lightly pounded and cut into small pieces into a jar. Pour 1 cup of spirits and one cup of gin. Cover the lid for 15 days soak the water and keep it in a cool, dry place. Adults drink 2 large spoons daily.

Guava leaf extracts cure diabetes: people advised diabetic to season guava should eat guava to ripe whole shell, eat fresh or squeeze juice. In the off season, fresh or dried guava leaves are good for drinking. But not eating too much will be as harmful as eating green guava (causing constipation).

RUME (thin patch on guava stem)) to cure diarrhea due to heat: 20g blister, fresh tea leaves 10g, both star yellow powder. Adults 10g / 1 times, children dose in half.

VEGETABLES : Vinegar with vinegar to cure toothache.



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