Hai Thuong Lan Ong – An exemplary example in a co-worker relationship

Le Huu Trac, Hai Thuong Lan Ong, is a great physician, a great thinker, an excellent writer of our country in the 18th century.

Le Huu Trac, Hai Thuong Lan Ong, is a great physician, a great thinker, an excellent writer of our country in the 18th century. The legacy he left behind for posterity is not just The great writings of medicine and literature, which has a deeper meaning than his examples of humanism, the ethical thought of the way of dealing with work and life. . In particular, his rightful relationship with colleagues is a very valuable lesson for the posterior doctor.


Always humble, hard to learn

Although born in a descendant’s family, an early scholar earns his reputation as a smart, well-versed, well-versed, well-versed, well-known martial artist and well-known physician. and the virtues in the 35-40 years old, but for his colleagues always show gentleman gentle humility, no contempt for anyone, not arrogant, self-respect, always on the floor, to study hard . In “The sentence” he wrote: “Medicine is a profession, the physician would have to take the help of people is good, but save a network of people to hand the leg to show it. If you have failed, then hide it. Those who do not hide their bad things dare to bring the truth to others.

While practicing, Lan Ong always treats very well to keep harmony and solidarity with colleagues. When invited to see patients who have been treated by other physicians but have no effect, he does not show good or negative or negate the merits of others, but if necessary, He persisted in explaining and persuading his colleagues to come to a consensus on diagnosis and treatment. Even when rewriting successful cases in his drug life (Yangshuo) to make his experience for posterity is also very modest: “I still do not dare to bring my opinion that boast as a model With whom, only to record the wholeheartedly with such a profession to save a book for yourself and for that house only. ”

Unite in the spirit of serving the sick

For Lan Ong, solidarity with colleagues does not mean that the point of view, but must be straightforward analysis, resolutely protect the scientific truth on the basis of the interests and lives of patients first. When he came to the cure of the mother of Vinh Dinh Thuong or his deputy Huan Vu (Yangtze No. 4 and 5), Lan Ong was very humble but also very frankly argued with his medical advisers. To confirm the diagnosis and treatment of his right with the motto: in the elderly with the disease should take the supplement, not the drug. He always thought, “Doing the physician is the way to save a person’s life, when the eyes see the mistake but are afraid, do not say urgent, they also bear the fault”

Lan Ong also often confided to colleagues: “Phàm see the danger that the hands are covered, they are buying names avoid the language.” He also used the sense of struggle, frankly criticized the careless physician in the profession, “diagnosing the disease with the use of vague medicine. He wrote: “Because I think that medicine is the life of a man, living dead as a hand, then his knowledge can not be generous, his virtue is not boring? And those who have such cautious liver can be called a physician?

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Leaders of the Ministry of Health and Ha Tinh province together with a large number of physicians, herbalists, health workers to burn incense, commemorate the tomb of Hai Thuong Lan Ong Le Huu Trac

Always rational, ready to help colleagues

With his colleagues, Lan Ong always mindful: “Older people are respectful, good learners are considered master, arrogant people, he concessions, poor people, they guide them.” The story of cure “Painful ribs” for the new lang lang how beautiful! Both of you know the drug, both modest, but when you see the weaknesses and long-term illness of you, Lan Ong did not hesitate to explain, medical analysis to understand you and cure disease. friend. Then when separated from the river, Tai lang was pensive nostalgic and wrote to him a good poem:

“Have the opportunity to meet the remote guests

Severe illness by hand heal

Thousands of thousands of words of wisdom

Remember who is just the sky?

(Court # 5)

There is a physician who provoked Lan Ong when two people joined in the healing of a patient: “If he cures the sick person is really god, I would like to follow him and not see the doctor half”. Ignoring all the challenges, provoked, Lan Ong patiently sought all ways to heal the patient and he has been successful. From then on, when he met Lan Ong again, the other doctor showed a little box, but he did not mention it again and still maintain a good relationship with each other. “The arrogant he conceded,” the philosophy of his conduct is kind, generous and deep!



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