Headache, fatigue from Gintonic plus

Strenuous headaches, fatigue, tinnitus, poor mood, memory loss, ineffective work … that is typical syndrome occurs not only for the elderly but it is increasing. fast in young people.

Contaminated environment, unprofessional diets, lack of exercise, stressful labor or high age (atherosclerosis, narrowed blood vessels) … cause oxygen to the brain causing stress. nervous system, ischemia. If untreated, the pain can last long and endangers the health of memory loss, stroke …

In the traditional medicine experience, to improve tension headache, poor circulation, long lasting fatigue, it is best to use Red Ginseng (Korean Red Ginseng). According to modern medicine Red Ginseng is a product from the standard ginseng. Thousands of years ago in medicine, ginseng has been known as a herbal medicine that offers comprehensive value to human health, enhances the recovery of the five senses and the ability to remember and detoxify. , longevity. Compared with Ginseng, Korea Red Ginseng is used for all subjects, the effect of Korean Red Ginseng is multiplied many times, specifically the amount of active ingredients and concentrations of ginsenosides (Rg1, Rg3, Rh2, Rb1) increased 230% compared to the average Ginseng. So Red Ginseng is now one of the focal points of thousands of contemporary medicine.

Research results show that saponin compound in Korean Red Ginseng helps to stimulate brain development, enhance memory, improve The circulation of blood circulates in the body, resulting in a healthy body, effectively with fatigue, tinnitus, memory loss, etc. Blood circulation is beneficial to all muscular organs. body, the source of vitality of the body, help the body healthy, mental intelligence


In 2012, researchers in Korea conducted a full study of 40 volunteers using the method of using digital thermal image and doppler ultrasound: randomized, double blind, Placebo controlled clinical trial with parallel design. The results of Korean Red Ginseng improve blood circulation, no side effects occur. The research conducted in Japan by two researchers, I.murata and M.Yoonzawa, also showed that the red blood-brain-boosting mechanism of Korean Red Ginseng was to prevent platelet aggregation which not only helped blood circulation but also reduced is a risk of cardiovascular disease.

Especially, Korean Red Ginseng, which helps to restore health very quickly, helps destroy cancer cells, regulates body hormones, protects the liver, detoxifies the body, good for patients. diabetes.

Red Ginseng combined with Ginko Folium increase the effect on the brain.

Recently, scientists have discovered that Red Ginseng is particularly good when combined with Ginko Biloba (Ginkgo biloba), which increases blood flow to the brain and limbs, improves memory and agility. . In the world, this combination has been applied for many years and bring good effect, helping people often headaches, headaches due to cerebral blood dysfunction find a healthy life, happiness. In addition, Korean Red Ginseng has been demonstrated as many effects such as body conditioning, detoxification, anti-aging, cancer prevention …

It is not natural that Red Ginseng (Red Ginseng Korea) is the Western nickname “treasure of the East.” An abundant health, clear mind, exhausted headache, fatigue are the foundation of success and happiness. So, do not overlook the miracle that nature has given away for thousands of years as Red Ginseng combined with Ginkgo.



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