Medical staff Pham Van Nhuong: Magic hands treatment does not need surgery

Sickle disc herniation is a chronic disease, costly money as well as great impact on the labor and activities of millions of our people. Over the years, the health care industry has spent countless research projects, but has yet to find the most effective way to bring about effective treatment for patients. However, with magic hands, using non-medicinal methods, Dr. Pham Van Nhuong’s health helps thousands of patients across the country. Cure degeneration, the hernia does not need surgery

Having spent more than 35 years in medical examination and treatment, Pham Van Nhuong has cured tens of thousands of chronic diseases of the joints. He studied in countries such as the Soviet Union, Zumali, Mon D, China … Chiropractic, spine, high technique painless and do not affect, event for all Europeans Europe, Asia and Vietnam. However, in particular, he does not use cutlery or use expensive drugs to heal only with magic hands directly manipulate the impact on the spine that makes patients from all regions. disease outbreak.

Looking back on his contribution to traditional medicine, he found that his popularity was not the promotion or promotion of the clinic, but his reputation for special healing. For disc herniation or degeneration of the cervical vertebrae, the back of the person usually comes to the analgesic, or oriental medicine, acupuncture, acupressure, etc. Surgery is usually indicated. However, at a high cost per surgery, the results may not be as expected. For cervical degeneration, C1 to C7 may be successful only 20%, for the upper back vertebral success is higher, but only about 50/50. Especially those who suffer from herniated disc, cervical vertebrae or vertebrae of the back, sciatic nerves that accompany cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, diabetes … they will not be prescribed surgery. Many patients just think of cutlery in a surgery also have seen fear, not to mention the successful surgery, the failure will leave severe sequelae for patients, even paralysis for life. But for health care Pham Van Nhuong all anxiety has been cleared. The new, high tech technique makes all the patients with spinal disorders the hardest to deal with, as well as mild cases such as sprains. Patients are well-adjusted and painless. High technology makes all patients with spinal disease, the hardest disk also do light cases such as sprains, tight coupling. Patients are well-adjusted and painless. High technology makes all patients with spinal disease, the hardest disk also do light cases such as sprains, tight coupling. Patients are well-adjusted and painless.


When talking about the role of the spine for the human body, Hypocrate says, “Who holds the spine, he holds firmly human beings. The spine commanded them all. All from that out. All went back there. “Or in the Great Pyramid of Egypt also the sentence” The spine is the key of life. ” Thus, the role of the spine is extremely important, directly affecting all human activities. Consequently, spinal-related illnesses are always a problem that makes people uncomfortable, even difficult in their everyday activities.


Knowing the rules, functions of the spine, with magic hands, Medicine yang is known almost from the patient from the introduction of others, he treated by the method of not using drugs, do not need surgery, only using the hands to adjust or adjust directly to the spinal cords (deviated, narrow, concave, convex) and the disc’s software, to insert the disc into the herniated position. At the same time, the coordination of acupressure pressure, causing the nerves to stimulate and the small deadlocked veins are returned. Finally, Pham Van Nhuong’s therapist instructs exercises for patients with herniated disc herniation, dislocations, narrowing, concave, convex … degeneration of thorns, neck and back or sciatic nerve or osteoarthritis. Persons who persist in training regularly, long term, the disease will not relapse but always healthy. It was because of this special treatment that the sick person called him affectionately: The physician had a golden hand.



Apply modern medicine and traditional medicine

Over the years, he has worked with the ward health clinic for over 17 years, helping out many people. As the owner of the traditional medicine clinic of the ancient road, Pham Van Nhuong herbal medicine has combined modern medicine with traditional medicine, chiropractic methods, disk hernia techniques. Patients should be taken x-ray if dislocated, thorns, degenerate disease detection. If a disk herniation occurs, an MRI scan is required. After the medical examination, high-tech impact, patients will be added to the kidney drug, rheumatism. For mild patients only about 15 days, for disc herniation people weigh about 1 month. With the motto “save one person more than building seven towers,” he has helped many patients with degeneration, hernia,


His mind, his words, he was the patient in the whole country of love, many people after the cure was introduced to friends, relatives to heal to find joy like himself, there are people who donate again with poems full of touch or the gift of genuine home.

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