Medication for the drug positive

Symptoms of fever, intermittent fever, a day or two or three attacks, the disease has a certain time, often broadcast in the day.

Positive signs are only cold, the fever alternating, each day there is one or two attacks, the disease emits a certain time, usually in the daytime. It is most often associated with malaria (malaria) or yin and yang, in the elderly. Depending on each case, the following medicines are used:

In case of disease, the symptoms are milder:

Remedy: “Vân mẫu Tru linh thang”: 100g model, 12g, 8g, 8g, 8g, 8g, 8g, 12g, 8g.


If it is very cold, remove the royal jig 12g; If the fever is high, quit selling sample 12g; if the tongue is very viscous, eat poorly; If the fever does not end, party ginseng 12g, 12g white shrimp, sample 12g, born 12g, 12g apple.

On a stool three times a day, drink before eating when the drug is hot.bai-thuoc-tri-chung-thieu-duong-1


If the malaria is long, the fever is getting heavier:

Symptoms: The body is thin, the fever is intense, the breath is weak, the whites of the eyes are blue, the skin is dry, the tongue is bluish, the tongue is red, the tongue is pink, and the tongue is colored. black, complications of kidney failure.

Treatment: Kidney damage back.

The remedy: “The head of the only stairs”: 20g hac choo box (10g), can khong (star) 6g, 12g, 12g only, 4g, 10g, white twig 12g, born 12g, great apple 12g. Reduction: if constipation, humidity 10g tolerance, 10g contraceptive.

Take a three times a day drink before eating or when hungry.

Feeling of welding:

Symptoms: When the patient starts malaria, he is uncomfortable sitting, his chest full of dizziness, tinnitus, dry mouth, heart palpitations, sweating, limb trembling.

Treatment: Letter (liver) vasodilator moisturizes, harmonizes the trumpet.

The drug: “Sai Ho gia gom”, 12g ginseng, licorice 10g, 12g, 16g, 15g, 10g, 10g, 6g rhubarb, sample 16g, born 12g.


If the gas rises to the chest disturbance, pain in the sweat, swelling of 12g.

If the gas can go up headache dizzy, ear buzzing, deaf ear, convulsions, urine turbidity, urine pain, back pain, numb hands, urgent urgent circuit, cinnamon 10g, 10g simmering.

If the heart is nervous, pain in the management, remove cinnamon, cinnamon 10g, born 6g; If the abdomen twitched, leaving rhubarb, 6g local knowledge.

If the gas weakened, the patient twitched, leaving the ginseng, ginseng 12g.

On a thang, drink 3 times a day, drink after eating, when the drug is warm.



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