Miracle drug treatment cure many long-term infertility, weak sperm drug treatment

Married wife – Getting married – Birth is the law of life.

Whoever, when coming to adulthood, must marry to give birth to a baby, having a lucky couple having a baby soon, a pair of less fortunate children, when meeting with teachers meeting infertility drugs infertility Every day it is hoped that acne is a great joy.

Hope for couples with infertile children

As one of the members of the Vietnam Medical Association, general practitioner Vu Van Thanh is the gold address for infertility couples infertility children, he not only has the talent for infertility infertility but also cure about tumors. At his drugstore, although it is late, but still crowded waiting for his turn to consultant Medicine and medicine.

In the meantime, we sat in the side row listening to the doctor’s advice to the patient, so not ashamed to be a gifted physician infertility treatment with his own experience, he knows Apply on scientific basis by the results of tests, ultrasound, X-ray.

After looking at the results, he based on the results and then drugged male patients for use, he knew the application of western medicine combined so his treatment strategy is very effective.

The only thing he had to diagnose the disease, he just looked at the results, asked a number of symptoms of the patient he was able to know the cause of infertility by his wife or husband, the treatment of Oriental medicine Or Western medicine can cure or not heal all know. If he is able to cure the disease, he guided the patient to a specialist hospital to pump support or reproduce in the strictest disease of the disease.

Infertility of infertility infertility

While waiting for him to consult the patient, I turned over the phone book addressing the patient’s successful treatment from the unique drug, I stopped at patient Le Thi Thuy Linh in Tho An commune , Dan Phuong district, Hanoi, know that I am a journalist, Ms. Linh happily share his story so that readers near the opportunity to heal infertility infertility, sister long time menstrual symptoms months have not, many times lower abdominal pain, when the menstrual lumps, black color, go to the examination doctor concluded poor hormones, polycystic ovaries, five years She applied drugs to places where ineffective, when someone introduced her to the doctor’s health bar to take drugs for 3 months pregnant.

On the next few pages I called to Nguyen Van Thu in Thanh Da commune, Phuc Tho district, Hanoi. He shared his wife and sister both having reproductive problems. Slow progressive sperm counts were 5%, 23% progressive, his wife had endocrine disorders, irregular menstruation, underdeveloped ovaries, polycystic ovary syndrome, the doctor said his wife Your husband can not conceive naturally and need treatment, the couple have also cured many in both winter and winter for many years ineffective, seemingly hopeless, happened to have a person You introduced him and her to Luong y Thanh, after they both took 4 months to get pregnant and gave birth to a nephew and one year later they One more grandchild.

Mr. Thu is happy to share more he also introduced the couple of infertile couples to the ward of medical treatment were successful, specifically about months he introduced a couple Phuong in the commune Yunnan, Phuc Tho Ha Noi, about 7 years of infertility, he heard them call to be pregnant and thank him.

It is also the case in hundreds of infertile infertile patients who have been successfully treated by Thanh’s therapist and bring happiness to long-time infertile couples. of infertility.

Luong y Thanh shared: Physician hard work that, but also very happy to successfully treat the pairs of infertility infertility many years, there are couples over a dozen years, after the pregnancy they are very happy, no There are words that express their feelings.

yogurt yogurt

Endocrine medicine, the treatment of female infertility, including black wormwood

His passion for medicine was so small that he decided to study in depth

Luong y Thanh confided: Doctors have to do new charms, due to love medicine from young and knowledgeable about medicine, so he decided to further research in the field of infertility to contribute to bring happiness come with infertile couples.

He contacted his brother to get married and worked as an interpreter in Guangdong China, because of his relationship and know many places so he quickly got in touch with the good doctor of his country, he learned and learned how plus the purchase of medication ladders to separate each and taste themselves and research.

He said that if you want to treat infertility successfully, you must find out the origin of the causes of infertility male or female, if you want to know, you have to learn deeply about the treatment of western medicine. So he went to find books related to infertility.

Not only to the private clinics where he spent a lot of money to consult a voluntary reproductive clinic for counseling, he also went to the fertility clinic to find out about treatment regimens and find out. understand the causes of infertility of each patient, his purpose is to learn, learn.

After a long period of learning the experience of treating infertility in Western medicine, combined with the healing experiences of the seniors and the medicine he learned from the teachers. Good doctor, including teacher Vu Xuan Quang is a lecturer in traditional medicine at the Central Association of Vietnamese medicine, he also studied at the Central Medical Council of Vietnam and the Oriental Medicine Association of Hanoi, both The teacher taught him all the time, even though he was in his 90s, he was very devoted to teaching the students, among them he learned a lot from medicine.

Especially, he learned from his own experiences combined with the precious medicines he collected from Laos and Cambodia such as Tho Cao Ly Ginseng, black swallow in wild forest that the compatriots The nationality of your country is used to treat infertility very effectively. Especially the treatment of male sperm weak, poor endocrine women, bad menstrual irregularities lead to infertility.

Luong y Thanh said: In the case of weak sperm, the rate of rapid and slow progression of sperm is only 10-40% compared to the standard of WHO is 50%, this is called weak sperm, so difficult. Can only be conceived naturally, in this case Thanh medicine only for 1-3 months of medication is enough quality sperm to conceive, depending on the locomotive and pathology of each person, except in the male case atrophy, testicular torsion, mastitis due to complications or uterine females deformities, congestive atrophy by mumps complications can not be cured.

Therefore, she urged everyone to be aware of their mastitis when they need to be treated immediately or if they find that their baby has only one testicle beneath the scrotum and the one above, this case is called. is a testicle and needs to be taken to hospital for doctors to examine and perform surgery as soon as possible to put testicles into the scrotum when the child is still young genitalia, if the genitalia of the child was mature growth and then surgery, the risk of infertility is very high.


Remedies for treating male infertility inferior to that of high blood ginseng

We came to Dr. Tran Thi Duong’s house in Ha Dong district, Hanoi, where she was a fertility specialist of a large hospital now she has retired, and she is also a referral for many couples. Infertility infertility couples go to the doctor to cut off the menstrual hormone before fertilization in vitro.

“Infertility infertility is very complex, for women with poor hormones, poor tubular constrictions or spermatozoa, their desire is to fertilize the tube,” she said. Before counseling, I advised them to take both men for 3 to 5 months to stabilize the wife’s hormones and improve her sperm quality. The risk of miscarriage randomized or stillbirth is very low.

In fact, I also applied and introduced a lot of couples to the place where the doctor cut the drug and also have many successful cases, even couples are taking medicine to wait for in vitro fertilization. I get pregnant by chance and my grandchildren are grateful to say that thanks to you, we have children, and we almost have to spend money on in-vitro fertilization. So not only the application of infertility treatment on the basis of current science, but also learn and combine with male medicine, the effect will be higher.



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