Nano curcumin 250mg from Army Medical Academy and selected for cancer patients

The Military Medical Academy has researched and developed the product NANO ROCORI TPCN with the main ingredients from four natural herbs effective in the room and help reduce the harmful effects of cancer to humans.

Successfully applied scientific research from the Vietnamese Academy of Sciences on the superior effects of Nano Curcumin 250mg together with scientific research from the Military Medical Academy on the superior and safe effects of medicinal herbs. The scientists from the Military Medical Academy have launched the product TPCN with the desire to bring new solutions for patients undergoing cancer treatment, patients after radiation therapy, chemotherapy and people at risk of living in polluted environments in big cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City where they face daily air pollution, water pollution and dirty food rampant.

The anti-cancer effect of black radon has been studied and proved by Professor Le The Trung – Military Medical Academy and published widely in many prestigious national and international scientific journals and reports. Successfully produced Black Herbal Tea Black Tea for many years, Black Radiance is now developed and used with rare herbal ingredients for superior effect.

In addition to the major effects of helping patients reduce the side effects of radiation therapy specifically for patients with liver and lung cancer, the product also has important implications for patients with uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts (women), prostate (men) by components Cao Virgin Royal Palace The effects of the Queen’s Palace has long been tested in many scientific research, but the most recent is the publication of  Prof. Dr.. Tran Duc Tho, in his study shows that  after 2 months of using the product containing the Virgin Woman, the patient group was researched good and good performance was 89.18%. Prof. Dr. Vuong Tien Hoa, His research shows that the Virgin Queen is effective in treating patients with uterine fibroids (especially for fibroids less than 6 cm in size) reached 79.5%.


Photos: The Virgin Mary

With the new breakthrough formula, the product is an effective alternative for those who are living and working in hazardous environments by using it for daily prevention. It reduces the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, and has a positive effect in supporting treatment when the disease is under the guidance of a specialist.




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