New cancer solution from Military Medical Academy

Research Institute of Military Medicine has researched and developed the product TPCN with the main ingredients from four natural herbs effective in the room and help reduce the harmful effects of cancer to humans.

Living environment pollution is no longer a problem, it is present in all corners of life such as the problem of food contaminated by pesticides and toxic chemicals used daily in food and drink. , pollution of domestic water sources due to discharge from industrial parks or urban areas and crowded residential complexes occur in large cities such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.

In the face of these everyday dangers, scientists at the Military Medical Academy have researched and developed the product TPCN with the main ingredients from four natural herbs proven thousands of years. Effective in the room and help reduce the harm of cancer to humans. This is a successful new cancer treatment solution for people living and working in big cities who suffer the consequences of environmental pollution and air pollution every day. , water pollution and dirty food. It will help prevent cancer for people at risk and help patients treat cancer, chemotherapy, radiotherapy to overcome cancer easier.

Reishi in  products of CHS CORP is the wealth from natural herbs have been used for thousands of years in health improvement and support healing. Nowadays, Lingzhi mushrooms are increasingly used in many parts of the world and become an attractive subject for research and application in the field of medicine and beauty.

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Mushrooms also have other names such as mushrooms, Longevity mushrooms, velvet vanity. Ganoderma lucidum is considered to be more common  than Ginseng , which is a precious medicine in the “Divine Farm” and “Draft of Dignity “. In modern medicine, the effect of lingzhi mushrooms is still studied by scientists in many parts of the world over time.

Germanium in the fungus helps prevent cancer in the body, eliminating and inhibiting the growth of cancer cells … thereby preventing and eliminating the risk of cancer if used on a daily basis only. at risk.

Corinthians palace women have long been in use in the Royal Palace for the treatment of many diseases. After several studies, the effect of the Virgin Queen has been confirmed mainly for ovarian fibroids (females), prostatic adenomas (men).

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Prof. Tran Duc Tho, in his study shows that  after 2 months of using the product containing the Virgin Woman, the patient group was researched good and good performance was 89.18%.

P Prof. Dr. Vuong Tien Hoa, in his study, showed that the Virgin Queen is effective in treating patients with uterine fibroids (especially for uterine fibroids less than 6 cm in size). with treatment efficiency reaching 79.5%.

Substances that have anti-tumor effects in the Virgin Woman

From 1983 up to now, the work on the  virgin queen has published its chemical composition has about 32 alcaloids. Among them, some alcaloids have anti-tumor effects such as crinfoline, crinafolidine, lycorine, and b-epoxyambellin, which are effective against T-lymphocytes and have antibacterial properties such as hamannins (bulbispenmine, flavonoid, demethylcrinamine ).

Many scientists in the world have studied the biological activity of  Nano Curcumin 250mg in supporting the treatment of tumors, improve the patient’s condition, reduce toxicity, radiation, prevent the formation. New cancer cells without affecting the benign cells nearby.

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Black blood becomes the epitope of GAN and joy for people with liver disease.

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The anti-cancer effect of black radiation has been studied and proved by Professor  Le The Trung – Military Medical Academy and published widely in many prestigious national and international scientific journals.



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