Oriental medicine for urinary stone

Urolithiasis is a common disease in our country, it is common in men and ages usually between 35 and 55 years old.

Urinary stones are a common disease in our country, and are common in men and the age is usually between 35 and 55 years old. The conditions for the formation of urinary stones are low water intake, urinary retention, urinary tract infections, pH change urine.

Depending on the location of people divided: kidney stones, ureteral stones, bladder stones and urethral stones.

Identification Symptoms

Pain: Severe pain, pain often starts from the ureters, spread along the path of the ureter to the muzzle, sometimes also painful to the hip, back.

Pistillate, urine, bloody urine.

Fever: When there is an infection.

According to oriental medicine, urolithiasis is classified into the range of evidence. Cause of the disease is often eaten hot spicy food, drink a lot of alcohol, low heat accumulating down the bladder to gasification stagnation, not clear. Long-term illness causes major damage to the gas, damage to the spleen and kidneys, affecting the gasification of the bladder, causing urine impurities to form into stones. Oriental medicine has many drugs that treat the urinary tract depends on each disease. However, when the treatment should pay attention to the size of the stone, if the stone is less than 10mm can also be used to expel the drug, if the stone is too large to coordinate other methods to remove the stone.

Heat forest

Symptoms: Urinary tract, feeling hot, painful, drip, urine yellow, red, opaque, abdominal pain under pain or pain, or mouth bitter fever, defecation bowel, red moss slime yellow, circuits.

French treatment: low heat stick, pine forest.

Lesson 1: The main bowl is reduced.

12g pineapple, 12g sea buckthorn, 12g geckos, 12g gingerbread, 12g gingerbread, 30g millet, 10g hammer, 15g hams, 15g rhubarb, 6g licorice, licorice 6g. Drink on 1 month.

dong-y-dieu-tri-so-tiet-nieu-1A kind of natural medicine.

Lesson 2: Thạch Thang.

Licorice pepper 3g, mucilage 10g, 3g mint, 10g sausage, 10g talc, 10g homemade millet, 30g porridge, 10g germ, 10g. Drink on 1 month.

Lesson 3: Three Jewels.

Gold sa 30g, millet needles 10g, pre-needles 30g. Drink on 1 month.

Article 4: Pretreatment Kim 30g, 16g, 16g away from money, 12g gold, 12g 12g, 12g gold, 12g gold. Drink on a ladder.

Fossil forestry

Symptoms: Difficulties such as clogged, urine yellow, red, chisel, gravel or clogged clogged, the urinary pain as stubbornly stabbing pain, or lower back pain, bloody urine , circulatory or sacral.

dong-y-dieu-tri-so-tiet-2Cotton thread.

French treatment: low heat, pebbles, pine forest.

Lesson 1: Reduced rhizomes.

Lychees, crown, death, money, money, fossil 16g; licorice. Drinks of the day.

Lesson 2: Thach Thang Ax.

12g white wine, licorice 4g, marine sa 18g, millet 10g, prehistory 30g, rustic 6g, 12g. Drink on a ladder.

Lesson 3: Devil May Cry

100g honey 100g, 100g gemstone, 50g pepper, 25g licorice, 25g cinnamon, 75g salted fish, 300g sterilized needles, 100g gold sticks. Each time use 8g, 2 times.

In addition, there are many male remedies for kidney stones treatment: Premedicated
Kim used fresh rope, or pounded with filtered water for drinking water, or using 100 strings of fresh water with 2 liters of water. liter divided into 3 times a day, drink until the cure.


Cornbread, cotton thread, pot grass, grass roots paintings are 40g excellent drink.
Cinnamon 6g, peeled kernel 16g, cotton code 20g, bone 8g, chalk 12g, 30g extract, licorice 16g, fruit 20g, Drinks.



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