Peach blossom, precious medicine

Tet flowers in addition to the meaning of spring adds more flavor, also expresses a new year wishes will bring fortune, health and happiness to everyone, every home.

Flowers of the Tet festival in addition to the meaning of spring to add more flavor, also expressed a new year wishes will bring fortune, health and happiness to everyone, every home. Watching the peach blossom in the new spring air, we also know the benefits of it for health.

According to oriental medicine, peach flower calculated, bitter taste, not toxic. Benefit of urinary incontinence, cystic renal excretion, kidney stones, blood circulation, chemo talk, cure madness. Usage: drink or powder 4 – 8g. Use outside the powder spread sprinkled on the wound or embankment.


Peach blossom is a cure for many diseases

Cure aquarius: peach flowers just enough, crushed powder each time to take 6g into porridge diluted, drinking when hungry. Eat three times or make porridge.

Relieve constipation: 30g peach flour, 100g flour to make pie or peach powder 10g divided into 2 times the warm water to drink when hungry.

 Back waist: peach blossom 100g, glutinous rice 500g, peach blossom, mixed glutinous rice for cooking water to cool dry and then fermented wine into alcohol gradually.

Kidney stones: peach blossom, equal amount of amber. Mix the peach blossom with amber each time 6g into a large bowl of water, cook for half an hour, filtered for drinking water. Day 2 times.

Pearls: peach blossom, rose flowers, vi flower, apricot, chives, incense every 30g, kernel peach 240g, rice wine, alcohol each 1,250ml. Mix together the top seven into the silk bag hung in a jar of porcelain sealed mouth. Soak 1 month, 20ml each time drinking 2 times at 2 meals.

Ambush: 25g peach blossom dipped in 250ml of wine for 1 week. Each drink 10ml mixed with warm water or peach blossom 10g into the rice wine 50g mixed, distilled water for flowers to reduce heat, eat both rice and flowers. Once a week, one week.

Note: Do not use for pregnant.



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