Simple tips against drunk during Tet

Succeeded by the Lunar New Year, there will be many new year-end parties, gatherings, family gatherings, friends so the blessing, drinking alcohol is unavoidable.

However, many people have been drinking too much, leading to drunkenness, which can cause many unfortunate consequences such as fatigue, nervousness, stomach ulcers, traffic accidents, etc. Some tips will help you to drink alcohol at moderate level with a little bit of friends can still maintain health.


New Year’s Day meeting family, honored wine alcohol …


You can choose any type of food such as yoghurt, fruit, bread or some rice for a 15-minute dinner party. This helps limit the amount of alcohol absorbed directly into the stomach, reducing the damage caused by alcohol and beer to your stomach.



 Before drinking wine should starch with starch like bread …

Do not forget to “eat” in the drink. Starchy foods like rice, sticky rice, rice noodles bring more energy, help you rake and reduce the chance of hypoglycemia.

When drinking more alcohol, the peripheral blood vessels dilate, the body tends to heat out, although the surface temperature is hot but if the cold wind is very cold infection, cerebral vascular accident. So it is necessary for the drunk in a warm but warm place, drink the warm water, with water, electrolytes, energy for the body.

Then, you can use a hot ginger tea (can be mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey) to regulate blood circulation, help circulation of blood circulation normally and release the amount of alcohol faster. Juice or tomato smoothies can also effectively quench vomiting, while increasing the amount of vitamin E available to the body for faster recovery.



Can drink a cup of warm ginger tea.

Excessive alcohol consumption may result in alcohol poisoning. People with mild poisoning can immediately eat 3 to 5 bananas, so help purify the blood just like lungs alcohol. A bowl of soup or hot porridge will be an appropriate option to stop the body from absorbing alcohol. In addition, the compensation of water properly and enough for the body is also focused, which helps dilute the amount of alcohol in the body drinkers. At the same time, alcohol is quickly cleared through the urinary tract to help people quickly drunk. You can rehydrate the body with water, salt water diluted …



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