The ritual except the low ranks, the weight balance

In traditional medicine, frequency is the antidepressant drug of the system, the heat tide; The effect of pain relief is better.

Frequency is the dried roots of the freesia (Gentiana dahurica Fisch.), Belonging to the tribe Long (Gentianaceae). Contains alcaloids (gentianin, gentianin, gentianidin …) and essential oils. Frequent bitter spicy taste, welding properties; into the throne, colleges, canyons. Effect of rheumatism, hypertension, weight loss.

In traditional medicine, frequency is the antidiarrheal medicine, the heat wave; The effect of pain relief is better. Dosage: 4-12g.

tan-tru-phong-thap-thuat-can-hoat-lac-1Rhinoplasty with low rheumatism, heat damage, painful joint pain, numbness of the limbs, fever in the afternoon.


Frequency is used as a medicine in the following cases:

Excluding leprosy, pain: treatment of rheumatism, arthralgia, tendonitis, muscle numbness, limb contraction.

Lesson 1: Frequency, transparency, bark, frankincense, active, peach kernel, royal, prestige of each type 12g; cross-frame 8g, dusky room 16g. Drinks. Rheumatoid arthritis, aching joints or limbs.

Lesson 2: frequency of 12g; gypsum, licorice, cross-frame, regulate, monophthous, transparent each type 8g; dormitory, room, royal, white only, local, local, white 4g each; new 2g. The flour. Each time using 40g, remove the pulp, drink hot. Effects: block, heat bar, blood gas. Removes new style into the mall but not in a business, the limbs are not movable, hard to say hard.

Heat damage, weight loss letter: Treatment of fever, heat in the bones due to low heat in the body.

Lesson 1: Frequency Powder, Broccoli: Frequency allocation, tri sample, each type of 20g; mai dai ba, diem, each size 32g. Mixes into a fine powder. Take 20g of sharp powder with 1 box apricot, 12g high bar. Drink close to bed. Fever in the afternoon, hot in the bones.

Lesson 2: Frequency 12g, 12g patch, 8g bar, licorice 8g. Drinks. Treat these diseases. Cough, fever, sleep or sweating.

Lesson 3: Frequency, attrition, barrier, triode, 12g each. Drinks. Fever in the afternoon due to negative tone.

Lecture 4: Frequency 4 – 6g, Licorice 2 – 4g, 2 – 4g. Powder spreaders. Get rid of the residue, drink warm. Young children with fever.

Intolerance: The person suffering from chronic pain due to blood damage, unable to nourish the tendon without frequency.



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