Theory of gas and disease prediction in Dinh Dau

According to the rules of birth, the head of the Department, the collection, East Museum, Xuan phong (wind); Host master (sunny, hot); Harvest apple (dry); Eastern welding (cold).

According to the rules of spring birth, the head of the Department, harvest, East Museum, Xuan phong (wind); Host master (sunny, hot); Harvest apple (dry); Eastern welding (cold). When the weather is abnormal (excess or inadequate) to overcome the human endurance that causes negative balance, positive will arise disease.

From the climatic characteristics, spring is the wind (wind) so it is easy for diseases caused by the wind. These types of disease at relatively quick but also quickly off the symptoms, but also often show itchy skin and fear of the wind.

In terms of the relationship between the weather and seasons, the spring weather is closely related to Can (liver) liver disease so easy to work. In the spring treatment of liver disease is also most effective, if not timely treatment, the next season more likely to relapse and heavier. In the spring also appears “Can phong” causing convulsions, tremors, distorted mouth, stroke.

Fire is the second, corresponding to the summer (summer) is the period from the lower section to the front of the establishment of one day.

Summer is the fire, the hot climate, high temperature, people often sweat like a bath, very uncomfortable, very easy to generate diseases due to (sun), Heat (heat) With high heat, thirst, heartache, sweating, vomiting …Thirteen-year-old boy

Dinh Dau year, the summer is gas fire prevention of diseases of digestion …

Summer is closely related to Tam and Pi or should appear as inflammatory heart inflammation, tongue, mouth to talk to cause coma, speaking delicacy, in addition often appear digestive diseases such as diarrhea, tangle gastrointestinal disorders

Earth is the equivalent of the summer – autumn each year, from the lows to the previous test, corresponding to the body in the body. During this time, the rain is a lot of moisture, the organs of the stomach, stomach disease, colon relatively large.

Kim is four, in the air dry air (apple), in the body is waste organs, corresponding to the fall each year, that is the period from the Autumn to the East one day.

The autumn air is dry (apple) easily lead to dry mouth disease, dry nose, dry lips, dry cough, dry skin … Autumn weather can easily hurt the urinary tract leading to the cold, bronchitis, pharyngitis …

Water is in the air, in the cold air (welding), in the body is the renal organism, corresponding to the winter every year, it is the period from winter to early winter one day.

Only when the winter is cold (welding), the temperature is low, the wind cold. During this time, cold and sinus (wind) welding are often combined to cause diseases such as: hallucinations, bronchitis, bronchitis. Inferior or impotent temperate anus, leading to cold fear, low back ache, poor bowel movements, poor urination or poor sleep, usually occurs in the winter.

According to Emperor Inner, in Dinh Dau “on the apple, in the middle of lack of wood, under the lack of military sound, it is gasification day. The third major, dry chemical, triple wind, thermochemical, that is the main chemical. About the chemistry in the bitter and warm, in the middle of the air, under the cold salty. Medication and diet should also be adjusted accordingly.

On the apple tree, in the middle of the lack of wood, under the lack of military sound is the year Dinh Dau is a bright apple apple, natural sound, lack of military sound at all, inadequate carpentry.

In the inferior season, in the warm spring it was not warm but the climate was a bit cool (unlike the season).

In the shortage of jewelry, the needle is a natural addition to the wood, but when the needle is too natural, the air is about to fall so summer (lower) will appear hot oi.

“Three” is a disease, disaster in the east in the spring, common diseases such as liver, liver, eyes, tendons, tears and respiratory diseases. “Dried Nine years” Dinh Dau is the sun apple apple natural, sunshine master cool, dry master, so the first half of the dry climate.

“Insufficient time”, so the spring in Dinh Dau should be warm, but not warm, but slightly cool, causing the spring growth of the organism is affected and the disease caused by cold (caused by cold , respiratory diseases, digestive diseases).

In the last half of the year, due to the positive attitude of the military and the climate, the climate is so cool that in therapeutic treatment and eating and drinking arrangements, it is advisable to take medicinal and bitter foods to warm.

Due to years of inadequate transport, the climate is warm, not warm, liver gas (gas can) inadequate, so in therapy and eating should be regulated by medicinal or spicy foods, harmony in time year to match “in the middle of the air”.

In the last half of the year there is a lack of military sound in the transmission, the climate is so hot that in the treatment of disease and eating disorders should use medicinal or food taste pale, cool to adapt.



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