Võ Lạc Việt – Career martial arts always associated with acupuncture therapy

Experiencing thousands of years of history, traditional medicine with many good remedies as well as useful non-medicinal treatments such as acupuncture, massage acupressure, nursing … which is as effective as surgery

Inherit the essence of traditional medicine and apply techniques and ingenuity of the hands of “martial arts” master Nguyen Thanh Chung – master of the martial arts Lac Viet Vo Dao spent the sweat, enthusiasm, lit up Give patients new hope, cure the disease of stomach pain, myopia, disc herniation, even paralysis by accident … by acupuncture points combined traditional .

Blood serum with the profession, enthusiasm for life

For master Nguyen Thanh Chung is perhaps the son of martial arts is fate, is the charm. This passion formed from childhood. After maturing rather than following the call of professional martial arts he decided to choose the financial sector of the National Economics University, the University of Economic Law. Legal knowledge, basic thinking plus the enthusiasm available to help masters like “Tiger grow wings” when deciding to set up his own discipline called “Lac Viet Martial”. Vietnamese martial arts, suitable for small body and endurance in physical training, and to preserve the cultural identity of Vietnam. Up to now, the number of the dojo has reached 63, spreading along the S.


Master Nguyen Thanh Chung – life full blood with medical treatment

Martial arts combined with medicine make the peak of health elite, with advantage available from early childhood contact with the charismatic as well as traditional folk remedies, martial arts master Nguyen Thanh Chung to the instrument Le Van Suu – master of acupuncture vocational training, drug treatment nearly 4 years (1997). Up to now, more than 20 years passed the master of the disciples have helped how many patients from oral heat, go out to asthma, stomach, ….

Osteoarthritis is very scary for acupuncture

Master Nguyen Thanh Chung has devoted his life to researching specialized medicine for the bone and joints of patients with the advantage of using the martial arts to help the hundreds of thousands of people.


Many people are waiting for him every day, sometimes even until the night

He said: “According to traditional medicine, osteoarthritis of the body is not adequate, such as gas welding, low heat, invasion of the muscles, joints, pleasure to the operation of Blood clots are blocked, causing pain in the joints. Therefore, the treatment is necessary to bring the gas (cold soldering, low temperature) and then recharge the blood to the kidneys to restore the normal function of the joints. In addition, the director of Lac Viet always mindful of treatment from the original root disease to go though the same method of acupuncture but he flexible adaptation, change the regimen on different root causes highest result. This can be acupuncture, acupuncture point “spinal effect” – a complete cure, complete with the content and requirements of medical examination and treatment. This is a safe,

It is not only the people in Hanoi that the cousin also came to Lac Viet Vo Dao thanks to his healing from osteoarthritis, paralysis after stroke, degeneration of the spine, disc herniation, insomnia, money home to myopia, stomach, colon, heat mouth, high blood pressure – low ….



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