White cabbage is a great use

Soybean field is a kind of vines, is grown everywhere, to get young fruit, and the old seeds to use as medicine.

In Oriental medicine, white beans are called white bean or beans. Want to get seeds to do drugs in September – 10, old fruits, picking beads, drying is okay. White beans are also made into medicinal herbs such as sea bean (white bean shell), sea bean (white beans), white bean star (multiply bean into star pans) .

White bean seed

According to oriental medicine, white bean sweet, warm, non-toxic, on the economic status quasi-spleen and positive positive. Has the effect of suicide, harmony, low-level and detoxification. Used as a supplementary medicine, only describe the dysentery, cure dysentery, abdominal pain, white chain, detoxification of human language, alcohol, meat, fish poisonous … strengthening and strengthening the digestive function, then ripe. Young fruit to eat vegetables, dried fruit split nuts.

With the opinion of the sea bean is classified into the group of gas (along with ginseng, ginseng, royal, white, nostalgic …).

Daily dosage: 8 – 16g in the form of decoction or powder. Intolerance: spleen solder, full belly should be careful when using.


Summer hit the sun, fever, urinary incontinence: white beans to the whole shell 50g, fine with water, pick up water, let cool divided into 2 drinks in a day.

Low temperature in the summer, hot and humid collection, easy to under test (hot and humid) cause abdominal pain, diarrhea … For prevention and treatment can use one of the following drugs:

Sunburn, vomiting, diarrhea: white beans 12g patchouli, patchouli 8g, drinking water. Or just use a white bean 30 fruit, pounded, add water to mix well, drinking water.

Sunscreen during the summer months: 9g white beans, patchouli 9g, posthumously 8g, licorice (grilled) 4g, excellent drink tea on the day.

Acute intestinal inflammation in the summer collection: white bean seed 20g, patchouli 8g, 8g juice, drinking water.


Strengthen digestive function, cure dyspnea, diarrhea, nausea voice: white beans peeled 250g (ginger water, peeled, star), whisk 250g (gold star), grated 100g gold); all fine powder, mix well, drink 2 times, each time 10g.

White bean seed, ginseng, white ginseng, ginseng, licorice – each 80g; lotus seeds, willow, sausage, wing sand, each 40g. All flour is smooth, mix well; 2 – 3 times, each time 10g of powder, using jujube (pomelo).

Acute gingivitis: white bean ground bean powder into fine powder, drinking 3 to 4 times, each 12g, using warm water. Or use white bean 30-60g, sharp with water, divided into 3 drinks during the day.

Shade: white bean seed yellow star, powdered fine powder, 2-3 times a day, 10g each time; Infants age dependent on dose reduction.

Hemorrhage: white bean seed 100g, pink apple 20 fruit, 50g alum sugar, all in the pot with water, divided into 2 drinks a day.

Women with gas damage, ectopic, menstrual irregularities: women with vaginal itching gas, sore lumbar pain, the lower abdomen, white blood cells secreted white mucus. Can be used:

1 scoop of white pea, ripe; 3 times a day, 8g each, mixed with boiled water or drinking water, continuous for several days will be off.

Pregnant women: women who are pregnant, fallen or mistakenly ingested drugs can take 30 grams of white bean sprouts, drink with water, or thoroughly with water. For safety please refer to the East-West physician.

Young children sweating theft or sweating: white beans, ripe, smooth; drink 5-10g, pour the powder in boiling water to cool, continuous for several days will not. Not afraid of side effects.

Small children to bean, poisoned, whole body sores: white beans peeled into fine powder; Use this powder to massage the affected area, detoxifying effect and skin.

Detoxification: eating poultry, shrimp, fish … toxic, leading to allergy or poisoning, can use white bean seed to treat the following methods:

– White bean seeds 30g pounded, mixed with boiling water to cool drink.

Take a raw white bean (about 20g), mix with boiling water to cool, smooth, drink.

– 1 pound white beans, roasted to a fine powder, mixed with boiling water to cool drink 3 times, each 12g, continuous for several days, detoxifying effect.


White bean flower (sea pea flower)

Sweet, temperate, non-toxic effect in the syringe, low test rod. For dysentery, diarrhea, lower leucine chain. Dose 4 – 9g, white bean flower eating such as vegetable salad in combination with syringe, low test rod, fresh heat bar, laxative, fine wax.

Summer diarrhea diarrhea, fever, seriousness level: flower bean 15-20g, put in a pot boiled with a chicken egg; eat eggs and drink medicated water. Or dried white planed bean flakes, ground into fine flour; 3 times a day, 3g each, the drug with rice.

Little children eat: white bean flower 15-20g, sharp with water, add a little sugar to drink daily, continuously for several days.

Summer sun, chest full of irritability, nausea, liquid drainage: use white planks 8g beans, fresh patchouli leaves 12g, good drink water change in the day.

Women irregular menstrual irregular menstruation: dry flowers powder, drink 2g three times a day 2-3 times when hungry with rice.

Acute gut inflammation: white bean flower 60g black star sharp drink water divided 2 times a day.

White bean leaf (Soybean)

Spicy, sweet, temperate, slightly poisonous. Treatment: Diarrhea vomiting cramps.

Blood in the urine: fresh bean leaf 20-30g yellow star drink 2-3 times a day.

– The mouth vomit removed leg cramps. Pick up a handful of white bean leaves crushed some extra vinegar drinking water.

White leg bean root

Dose 6 – 9g. After harvesting the beans, wash the dried beans to gradually use.

Joint pain, limb numbness: painful joints, can use 30g white bean root, fine with water, divided into multiple portions of the day; has analgesic effect.



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